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"EMUSIC," an electronic, ambient, and space music show, airs each Thursday
at 11pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem, PA and 93.9 FM in
Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ.

		Show #138		November 11, 1999.

On this show, I continued the month-long focus on the DiN label.  I
spoke to Ian Boddy about his label and played that interview at the top
of the show.  The feature CD at midnight was "Distant Rituals" by Ian
Boddy and Markus Reuter.

ARTIST                  TRACK                    ALBUM (label)
======================= ======================== ==============================
11:00 pm
Ian Boddy Interview with music underscore from Arc (Ian & Mark Shreeve)
Arc                     Steam                    Octane (Something Else)
Arc                     Who Walks Behind You *   Octane (Something Else)
VA [Nautilus]           Deep Earth               Sequences #22 (none)
Dave Fulton             Small Particles          Hard Particles (Eurock)
Jiannis & Lambert       Secrets of the Night     Timeless Vision (Spheric)
MinistryOfInsideThings  Edge of the Wilderness   Live at the ICA (Synkronos)
Synthetic Block         Trylon                   The Opposite of Staring into
                                                   Space (Ironing Board)
VA [Protogonos]         Moceans of Time          Mind Out (Wandering Aimlessly)

12:00 am
I. Boddy & M. Reuter    A Beginning in Light     Distant Rituals (DiN)
I. Boddy & M. Reuter    Within the Space         Distant Rituals (DiN)
                          Between Things
I. Boddy & M. Reuter    Trace the Memory         Distant Rituals (DiN)
I. Boddy & M. Reuter    Distant Rituals          Distant Rituals (DiN)
I. Boddy & M. Reuter    Presentation of an       Distant Rituals (DiN)
I. Boddy & M. Reuter    Voices of Doubt          Distant Rituals (DiN)
I. Boddy & M. Reuter    A Delicate Re-enactment  Distant Rituals (DiN)

1:00 am

 * = exerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

On the next EMUSIC, I will continue the month-long focus on British
synthesist Ian Boddy's new label, DiN.  The Feature CD at Midnight will
be "Strange Geographie" by Protogonos.

Go to the Focus page on DiN Records.

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