Playlist for EMUSIC

EMUSIC is an electronic, ambient, and space music show, that airs each Thursday
at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem, PA and 93.9 FM in Easton,
PA and Phillipsburg, NJ.

		Show #277		July 11, 2002.

On this show, I continued the month-long focus on Robert Carty, who creates
ambient and spacemusic from his unique perspective.  The Featured CD at
midnight was "Energy" on the Deep Sky label.  Plus, the show ran an extra hour,
just because it could!

The Vinyl Starter was from the LP "Body Love Vol. 2" by Klaus Schulze on the
Brain label.


ARTIST                  TRACK                    ALBUM (label)
======================= ======================== ==============================
11:04 pm
Klaus Schulze           Moogetique               Body Love Vol. 2 (Brain)
Vir Unis and            Kinetic Center           Thermal Transfer (Binary)
  Saul Stokes
Vir Unis and            Stroboscopic             Thermal Transfer (Binary)
  Saul Stokes
Vir Unis and            Replicants in Orbit      Thermal Transfer (Binary)
  Saul Stokes
Ministry of Inside      Set One *                Soundscapes Concert #2 (none)
Ron Boots               Forgotten Memories       Liquid Structures in Solid
                                                   Form (Groove)

12:00 am
Robert Carty            Up from the Depths       Energy (Deep Sky)
Robert Carty            Rolling View             Energy (Deep Sky)
Robert Carty            Contemplating Horizon    Energy (Deep Sky)
Robert Carty            Moving Towards You       Energy (Deep Sky)
Robert Carty            Evening Vibrations       Energy (Deep Sky)
Robert Carty            Energy                   Energy (Deep Sky)
Robert Carty            New Touch                Energy (Deep Sky)

1:00 am
VA [Kubusschnitt]       Vantage Trick            Beyond Me (Neu Harmony)
VA [Dave Fulton]        Falling Away             Beyond Me (Neu Harmony)
VA [Synthetic Block]    Flash of Attention       Beyond Me (Neu Harmony)
Paul Ellis              Drifting Shards from   Into the Liquid Unknown (Binary)
                          an Ice Floe
Paul Ellis              Luminous Depths in a   Into the Liquid Unknown (Binary)
                          Sapphire Sea
Paul Ellis              Suspended              Into the Liquid Unknown (Binary)
Paul Ellis              The Underground River  Into the Liquid Unknown (Binary)
VA [Detlef Keller]      Different Faces Rehearsal  First Decade (Manikin)
Dino Pacifici           untitled *               special cdr (none)

2:00 am

 * = exerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

On the next EMUSIC, I'll continue the month-long focus on Robert Carty.  The
Featured CD at Midnight will be "Midnight Rainbows" on the Deep Sky label.

The vinyl show starter will be from the LP "Aqua" by Edgar Froese on the Brain

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