Playlist for EMUSIC

EMUSIC is an electronic, ambient, and space music show, that airs each Thursday
at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem, PA and 93.9 FM in Easton,
PA and Phillipsburg, NJ.

		Show #283		August 22, 2002.

On this show, I continued the month-long focus on Hemisphere, a band from
Germany known for dark electronic ambient excursions.  The Featured CD at
midnight was "NOW" on the Groove label.

The Vinyl Starter was from the LP "Bhakti Point" by Richard Burmer on the
Fortuna label.


ARTIST                  TRACK                    ALBUM (label)
======================= ======================== ==============================
11:04 pm
Richard Burmer          Nightland                Bhakti Point (Fortuna)
Steve Roach and         Taking Flight            Trance Spirits (Projekt)
  Jeffrey Fayman
John Lyell and          Ethereal Float           Synthetic Universe (Solar Wind)
  Brent Reiland
Ben Swire               Interim                  Equilibrium (Foundry)
Cipher                  One Who Whispers         One Who Whispers (Gliss)
Asmus Tiechens and      IV                       The Shifts Recyclings
  vidnaObmana                                      (Soleilmoon)
Ian Boddy               Frozen Web               Box of Secrets (DiN)

12:00 am
Hemisphere              Red                      NOW (Groove)
Hemisphere              Orange                   NOW (Groove)
Hemisphere              Blue                     NOW (Groove)
Hemisphere              White                    NOW (Groove)
Hemisphere              Red (reprise)            NOW (Groove)
Hemisphere              Black *                  NOW (Groove)

1:00 am

 * = exerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

On the next EMUSIC, I'll conclude the month-long focus on Hemisphere.  The
Featured CD at Midnight will be "Attachment X" on the Groove label.

The vinyl show starter will be from the LP "Gandharva" by Beaver and Krause on
the Warner Brothers label.

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