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Galactic Travels Monthly Special Focus Log for 1999

January's special focus was on electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos. Need I say any more?

Date Title Label
1/7 Tales of Heaven and Hell East Side Digital
1/14 Digital Moonscapes CBS Masterworks
1/21 Clockwork Orange East Side Digital
1/28 Sonic Seasonings East Side Digital

Larry Fast/SYNERGY

February's special focus was Synergy ®, a.k.a. Larry Fast. Known for synthesizer programming and playing keyboards for such notables as Wendy Carlos and Peter Gabriel, Larry's Synergy ® project shows his compositional skills in electronic, art rock, and film music genres. He will be appearing at NEARfest in June. (Check out the events page.)

Date Title Label
2/4 Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra Third Contact
2/11 Games Third Contact
2/18 Audion Third Contact
2/25 Sequencer Third Contact

March's special focus was the

6th Alfa-Centauri Festival

It occurred on April 10th in Huizen, the Netherlands at the Theatre 3-in-1 and featured the music of RAMP, Redshift, Stratosphere, T-Bass UK, and Tim Blake.

Date Artist Title Label
3/4 Red Shift Red Shift Champagne Lake
3/11 RAMP Nodular Manikin
3/18 Stratosphere The Introspective Spaces Amplexus
3/25 T-Bass UK The Infection of Time Thinking Metal

April's focus was on British synthesist Paul Nagle and his music from the

The Soft Room

Paul, who is a prominent member of the GoldTri mailing list, has many CDs and tapes to his credit.

Date Title Label
4/1 Wavemaker AMP
4/8 Firedancer AMP
4/15 Skyrider AMP
4/22 Lore Pre-release
4/29 Earthshaper AMP

On my first show, I promised that the fans of Deep Cuts wouldn't be totally abandoned. Deep Cuts was the show that used to occupy the time slot where Galactic Travels now resides. It was a Progressive and Art Rock show. To keep that promise I made, oh so long ago, May's focus was on NEARfest, the North East Art Rock Festival. Guest Chad Hutchinson, VP of NEARfest and author of the Ghostland Progressive Rock web site, introduced the Galactic Travels audience to the music of the artists appearing at the two-day festival. After all, space music's roots are in space rock, a sub-genre of progressive rock.

AirSculpture Logo and link June's focus was on the British group AirSculpture. The band members are Adrian Beasley, John Christian, and Peter Ruczynski and their performances are totally imporvised. They appear on Dave Law's label, Neu Harmony. AirSculpture at EMMA III

Date Title
6/3 Impossible Geometries
6/10 Attrition System
6/17 Europa
6/24 Thunderhead

The special focus for July was Steve Roach. Steve constantly explores new sonic territory. He is such a prolific composer, Galactic Travels keeps returning its focus on Steve, time and time again.

Steve at the Projekt Festival in 1996 and link

Date Title Label
7/1 Dream Circle Timeroom Editions
7/8 Quiet Music Fortuna
7/15 Quiet Music Fortuna
7/22 Body Electric * Projekt
7/29 Truth & Beauty Timeroom Editions
* Steve Roach and Vir Unis

The special focus for August was the collaborative efforts of Belgium musician Vidna Obmana.

Vidna at The Gathering XIV
Vidna Obmana performs in St. Mary's church, Philadelphia, at The
Garthering XIV on Saturday November 7th, 1998. Photo by Bill Forcier.

Date Artists Title Label
8/5 Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana Ascension of Shadows (Memory Pool) Projekt
8/12 Vidna Obmana & Serge Devadder The Shape of Solitude Multimood
8/19 Obmana w/ Trifoglio & Borotti Landscape in Obscurity Hypnos
8/26 Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana Ascension of Shadows (Somewhere Else) Projekt

The special focus for September was Utah musician Robert Carty. This prolific composer, though unsigned, deserves widespread recognition. He releases his music on his CDR label, Deep Sky Music, and provides unique artwork on the label and cover of each CDR!
Robert Carty and Friend
Can you tell which one is Robert?

Date Title Label
9/2 Darklight Deep Sky Music
9/9 (no show) .
9/16 (no show) .
9/23 Silent Dreams Deep Sky Music
9/30 Cloud Pull Deep Sky Music

Manikin Logo and link The special focus for October was, in Oktoberfest tradition, something Teutonic (German). The artist roster of Mario Schonwalder's German label Manikin was the focal point this month.

Date Title Artist
10/7 The Two Piece Box Keller & Schonwalder
10/14 Interkosmos Fanger & Kersten
10/21 The Ancient Saga Arcanum
10/28 Recall Level Rolf Trostel

DiN Logo and link

A New Label For A New Music

The special focus for November was DiN. DiN was formed to meet the needs of a new music for the new millennium and to bring diverse musicians and artists together to ask the question, "What if ? . . ." DiN aims to promote and produce up to the minute music and to provide a platform for music that stretches across the range of contemporary electronica.

Combining electronica, avant - rock, break beats, improvisation, minimalist symphonica, sound sculptures, each DiN release describes a musical landscape where nothing is forbidden and boundaries are redundant.

Date Title Artist
11/4 Ian Boddy Box of Secrets
11/11 Distant Ritual Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
11/18 Strange Geographie Protogonos
11/25 Autonomic Dub Automica

Robert Rich

The special focus for December was Robert Rich. Robert's 1996 concert in Allentown was the first music played on this program.

Date Title Label
12/2 Trances Extreme
12/9 Drones Extreme
12/16 Numena Fathom
12/23 Geometry Fathom
12/30 Seven Veils Hearts of Space

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