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Upcoming Electronic Music Events in the Area

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Link to event Cosmic Crossings electronic, ambient, and experimental music concert series.

The Cosmic Crossings concert series has a Facebook Page for more information.

Concerts are held at the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing.
268 Washington Crossing Pennington Road
Titusville, NJ 08560

Saturday, November 11, 2017, 8:00 pm.

Datadrift is the electronic music project of Guinevere Molly Campbell. Creating soundscapes since 1996, she uses an east-coast, hardware-focused approach, based on her love for the keyboard interface as well as the corralling of machines with unique interfaces and timbres to communicate with one another and find dialog or harmony. Her principal approach is texture-driven, creating synthesizer patches that resonate with a mood or idea, then working with that sonic palette to create a soundscape that combines improvisation with sequenced aspects. While predominantly instrumental and ambient, her work includes some forays into indie/experimental pop-driven song structures, including vocals. Her influences include Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, The Legendary Pink Dots, David Sylvian, Kate Bush, Aphex Twin, and atmospheric songs and passages in 60s-80s pop, cold and new wave, and post-punk music.

Woodswalker, a.k.a. Laura Woodswalker, started her musical career as a bluegrass banjo player and later played bass with a Grateful Dead band. In 2004 she got her start in digital production by recording crickets and cicadas, then multi-tracking the samples into compositions. She didn't know synthesizers or even what MIDI was. Now, over 10 years and 100 pieces of gear later, she still doesn't really know anything! She just like to compose melodic and spacey music, using synthesizers, field samples, counterpoint, spacey sounds, lots of filters and ping-pong delay...all to express her fascination with nature, science, other dimensions and things that go flash in the night.

Sage Palmer can't easily list the many diverse influences that have shaped her musical direction, and her music is equally as difficult to pin down to one genre. As a member of her father's band – the electronic music trio PYXL8R – she has learned a great deal about composition, live performance, and improvisation. While she primarily plays synthesizers and heavily-processed acoustic instruments, she continues to acquire new toys to expand her musical palette. Sage is currently studying to be an art teacher. She also serves as President of TCNJ Taiko, a Japanese drum ensemble, where she has been able to steer her lifetime love of rhythm and dance in a new direction. While she has been collaborating with other musicians and writing songs for most of her life, her performance at Cosmic Crossings will be her first as a solo artist.

See the Facebook Event Listing for more details.

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The Event Horizon series presents a mix of electronic, ambient, experimental and spacemusic.
Free Admission
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

Saturday, October 27, 2017, at 8:00 pm.

Featuring: Bonnie Kane § Wormhole Superette § Urban Shaman Attack

Bonnie Kane:
Integrating saxophone, flute, feedback and electronics, electro acoustic pioneer and improvisor, Bonnie Kane, terms her work as avant-core: an extreme energy mix of pyschedelic rock, hard core, and avant garde jazz. She was influenced by an unusually early exposure to Sun Ra, studies with Sonny Simmons, Paul McCandless, Glenn Moore, Ralph Towner (Oregon), and Jon Raskin (Rova Saxophone Quartet). A stint in the original Club Foot Orchestra, whose members then included Snakefinger (The Residents) and Eric Drew Feldman (Capt Beefheart), introduced her to electronic processing for horns, and brief study at Mills College under Anthony Braxton solidified her direction. Her bands have been known for "scalp shearing shows," "feats of bravery," and for music that is "...the algebra of heart, brain, and soul." A conductor of energy, her music is not for the timid.

Wormhole Superette:
Wormhole Superette is an improvisational experimental trio, consisted of Tracy Lisk, Irman Peck, and Travis Woodson. Tracy Lisk, MFA, exhibiting visual artist, curator (Inside the Moment: Int’l Short Film Festival in Philadelphia, Highwire Gallery). Former artist-in-residence at CESTA, Tábor, Czech Republic where she collaborated with Canadian videographer Dominic Gagnon. Former percussionist with the improvisational outfit: Agnes Warhead, has studied Brazilian percussion in Salvador and Rio, an active member of several percussion ensembles. I (Domino) Peck is a self taught writer, electric bassist, and is a founding member of The post/art/punk band Los Dominos, Brian Kelly's literary rock band The Suns, and Mike Landau's experimental noise collective, the Granular Cats. "My aim is to communicate a spiritual message through a common and accessible, popular idiom." Travis Woodson is a composer, arranger, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with various Philadelphia musicians and dancers. He has performed with in Make a Rising, Sonic Liberation Front, Electric Simcha, Split Red, Adult Content, Kohoutek, his own group Live Like a King, and/or Pyramid Minds. During the summer of 2012, he premiered a series of compositions and arrangements for three guitars, as a part of the Archer Spade Performance Series, and has performed at the Improvisational Music event: the Nowhere Festival in 2015.

Urban Shaman Attack:
Urban Shaman Attack, or USA, is a quartet from Wilmington, DE. The band is Carl Bailey, Robert McClelland on guitar, Dwayne Todd on Keyboard and kaossilator, and Richard Todd on drum kit and percussion. Playing unscripted, improvisational music , the music is best described as psychedelic jazz. USA draws influences from many artists past and present, including Sun Ra Arkestra, electric Miles Davis, Acid Mother Temple, and MMW. The tenth album "How to Build a Spacekraft", from Urban Shaman Attack, has been in the top 50 of iTunes new jazz releases worldwide for over nine months, reaching #14 in August. Experience these psychedelic sounds for yourself. Board the Spacekraft that is USA.

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Link to the Gatherings Concert Series web site

Live concerts featuring musicians from the Ambient, Electronic and Spacemusic worlds. Concert at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:30 pm) St. Mary's Hamilton Village 3916 Locust Walk (just east of 40th & Locust) on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in West Philadelphia.

Saturday, November 18, 2017.

MINISTRY OF INSIDE THINGS Consisting of synthesist Chuck van Zyl and electric guitarist Art Cohen, Philadelphia-based The Ministry of Inside Things are considered to be among the most innovative of US spacemusicians. Equally influenced by the early groundbreaking music of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Ash Ra Tempel as well as that of Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead, their work pushes across a diverse sonic terrain. Based on live improvisation, The Ministry of Inside Things creates electronic realizations that flow from theme to theme, within the context of a composed suite of music. Through use of textures and atmospheres as well as harmony, rhythm and melody, the group transports the listener on an internal aural excursion.

The Ministry of Inside Things exist outside the confines of the recording studio and in the realm of the live performance. As MoIT, Art Cohen and Chuck van Zyl continue a tradition of bringing an otherwise methodical studio based art form out into the spontaneity of the performance environment.

Their third CD Ambient Elsewhere (2008) feels dark and isolated when compared to their two earlier releases. While Everlasting Moment (2003) explored the edges, dynamics and tension of space and atmosphere, and Contact Point (2006) embraced the more unified themes of cosmic, biospheric and macrocosmic interaction, Ambient Elsewhere moves through strange new territory in-between and outside of traditional Spacemusic. Drawn from a range of chilling themes, this album sonifies wintertime, desolate landscapes and the soul's midnight. Moving through the timbral badlands of the empty quarter, their offers up a courageous intimacy. Always bringing unique influences and innovation to the music process, MoIT produces a sound that is consistently individual and personal.

HALLOWED BELLS is the project of Philadelphia-based musicians Alison Stout and Darian Scatton. Creating electronic songs-without-words this young duo weaves together sweet, lyrical melodies, dissonant harmonies, and mesmerizing noisescapes - producing a unique and personal synthesized landscape of sound.

Utilizing old analog and homemade synths, Hallowed Bells performs nearly everything live on hardware - constructing loops, sequences and analog synth patches in real time. With its shimmering tones, twinkling lights and archaic technology their work reveals a dreamworld that evokes the retro-futuristic mysticism of classic science fiction.

Founding Hallowed Bells in 2013, as two experienced musicians fully immersing themselves in the world of electronic music for the first time, Alison Stout and Darian Scatton began their collaboration by creating detailed compositions suffused with rich dissonance and engaging metrical turns. Inspired by Modernist music, they found themselves increasingly enchanted by the infinite orchestrational possibilities of electronic sound. Determined to understand both the realization of sounds, and what drove the technology behind the circuits, Stout and Scatton dove headfirst into synthesizing tones and building instruments from scratch. Presently, they play their richly layered music using an all-hardware setup - which is dominated by analog synthesizers and vintage electric organs. Their sound is reminiscent of the electronic orchestrators of the 1970s, interspersed with organic beats, improvised noise and fathomless dark ambient textures.

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