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Galactic Travels Monthly Special Focus Log for 2000

Hypnos Records Logo

January's special focus was the HYPNOS label. HYPNOS Recordings is a private, independent recording label based in Portland, Oregon. Though HYPNOS does not wish to restrict itself to a narrow view of the infinite possibilities of sound, for the sake of simplicity, let it be said that HYPNOS is most interested in the general areas of electronics, space/trance music, ambient minimalism, sound poetry, and sonic experimentalism. This fits in perfectly with the type of music heard on Galactic Travels.

Date Title Artist
01/06 Inner Landscapes Robert Rich
01/13 Weightless, Effortless Various Artists
01/20 Altara A Produce & M Griffin
01/27 Lost Terrain Jeff Greinke

February's special focus was American synthesist
Michael Garrison.

Date Title Label
02/03 Aurora Dawn Windspell
02/10 Eclipse Windspell
02/17 Live, Volume 2 Windspell
02/24 Brave New Worlds Windspell

March's special focus was the
Alfa 2000 Logo

featuring the music of Robert Rich, Radio Massacre International, Wave World, Patrick Kosmos, Mind-Flux, and Pyramid Peak. The concert will take place on March 25 in the Theatre 3-in-1 in Huizen (pronounced: How-zen), The Netherlands. Eric Snelders of Quantum Productions organizes this yearly festival which has proven to be one of the most popular and largest electronic music events in the world.

Date Artist Title Label
03/02 Wave World Species Quantum
03/09 Robert Rich Humidity (Disc 3) Hypnos
03/16 Patrick Kosmos Trance Neutral Zone Quantum
03/23 Pyramid Peak Ocean Drive Invisible Shadows
03/30 Mind-Flux Kontinuum IC/Digit Music GmbH

NEARfest Logo

April's special focus was NEARfest 2000, the second annual North East Art Rock Festival featuring the music of NEARfest artists Happy the Man, Transatlantic, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Anekdoten, Par Lindh Project, Thinking Plague, Iluvitar, Nexus, D.F.A., North Star, Echolyn, and Priam.

Date Artist Title Label
04/06 Iluvatar Sideshow Kinesis
04/13 Various Artists Compilation CD NEARfest
04/20 Echolyn As the World SONY 550 Music / Epic
04/27 Various Artists Compilation CD NEARfest

May's special focus was northwestern US soundscape artist

Jeff Greinke

Jeff is a musician, composer, performer, sound sculptor, and visual artist who is known worldwide for his unique sound. Through a highly developed process of layering, Jeff composes and performs music rich in texture, depth, mood, and subtle detail. Using various acoustic and electronic instruments, found sounds, and extended studio techniques, Jeff sculpts sound worlds that conjure a strong sense of place, hovering somewhere between the exotic and the familiar.

Date Title Label
05/04 Big Weather Linden
05/11 Places of Motility Hypnos
05/18 Cities in Fog 2 Projekt
05/25 In Another Place Linden

June's special focus was Dutch synthesist

Ron Boots

Ron Boots receives an Electronic Music award in April, 1998. The Boots 80's Box contains Ron's cassette releases from the 1980s along with some rare and hard to find tracks from the 1990s. Each week's Feature CD at Midnight was one of the CDs from this fine collection on the Groove label. Boots 80's Box cover art

Date Title Label
06/01 Odds & Ends Groove Unlimited
06/08 New Dream Groove Unlimited
06/15 Wind in the Trees Groove Unlimited
06/22 Moments Groove Unlimited
06/29 Bookworks Groove Unlimited

July's special focus was California musician

Craig Padilla

Craid Padilla Craig Padilla's first encounter with electronic music was in 1986 while visiting the Schreder planetarium. During a lecture about stars, Craig noticed some of the music which turned out to be Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene 4. Craig had never heard this kind of electronic music before. This was the beginning of Craig Padilla's adventure into the sonic universe created by synthesizers.

Date Title Label
07/06 Music for the Mind - LIVE Volume One MP3.COM
07/13 Music for the Mind - LIVE Volume Two MP3.COM
07/20 Beyond Volume One MP3.COM
07/27 The Eye of the Storm See Peace Records

August's special focus was space music pioneer

Michael Stearns

Michael Stearns Michael Stearns is one of the originators of a new genre of music that emerged in the 1970s. This music has been described as space music, contemporary instrumental music, new age music, and electronic music, just in case you're into labels. This music's primary instrument is the synthesizer. Or, the human as synthesizer. Into his music, Michael weaves instruments and sounds from other cultures, newly developed instruments, the human voice, and the sounds of nature.

Date Title Label
08/03 Ancient Leaves Groove Unlimited
08/10 Planetary Unfolding Sonic Atmospheres
08/17 Lyra Groove
08/24 Within the Nine Dimensions Earth Turtle
08/31 Spirits of the Voyage Earth Turtle

September's special focus was

Elive 2000

The Netherlands is home to wonderful electronic music festivals. E-Live is one of the major festivals and presents a wonderfully varied program. This year, the Stichting Crew invited these artists: E-Live 2000 took place in the Theater de Schalm in Veldhoven, the Netherlands on Sunday, September 10. Since there are only four Thursdays in September, not all of the artists will be featured at midnight (see below). But their music was played during the first hour of the program to complete the coverage of E-Live artists.

Date Artist Title Label
09/07 Cosmic Hoffmann Beyond the Galaxy Heart and Mind
09/14 Elektronische Maschine Energy none
09/21 Free System Projekt Pointless Reminder Quantum
09/28 Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes Vine, Bark & Spore Timeroom Editions

October's special focus is

Tangerine Dream Logo

Every October, Galactic Travels celebrates Oktoberfest by featuring a German band. What better band to feature than the one that created the Berlin School of electronic music? Tangerine Dream was founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese to make experimental music inspired by the work of the Surrealist painters. Tangerine Dream, in turn, has been cited as inspiration to many of the artists and bands heard on Galactic Travels.

Date Title Label
10/05 Phaedra Virgin
10/12 Rubycon Virgin
10/19 Poland Jive Electro
10/26 Stratosphere Virgin

November's special focus is on compilation CDs from
Link to Groove Unlimited
Groove Unlimited is a record label that is well represented in Galactic Travels playlists due to their fine releases. Normally, the CDs I feature are by a group or artist. But that precludes the possibility of playing compilation discs. This is the first month where I will correct this inequity. And the first four weeks comprise the group of compilations that was inspired by the X Files television series.

Date Title
11/02 Out There Lies the Truth
11/09 The Truth is Twisted
11/16 Truth or Dare
11/23 Four the Truth
11/30 World Wide Kind

December's special focus was on compilation CDs from
Link to Sequences Magazine
Sequences Magazine is published in the UK by electronic music fan Mick Garlick (Mick the Ed) about four times per year. Coverage includes cosmic, experimental, synth rock, space rock, and ambient electronic music and is an essential resource for keeping up with music heard on Galactic Travels.

Date Issue Number
12/07 21
12/14 22
12/21 23
12/28 24

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