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January 6, 2007

I filled in for Stewart Brodian as an alternative to the alternative.


11:04 pm
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
Azureth              Afterglow            Yesterday's Future, Tomorrow's
                                            Past (none)
Pinnacle             The Deepest Sea      Meld (Everything To Excess)
Pulse                Comfortably Numb     Heartbeat (Fox's Den)
The Beatles          Within You Without   Love (Apple)
                       You/Tomorrow Never Knows
Klaatu               Doctor Marvello      3:47 E.S.T. (Bullseye)
The Beatles          Drive My Car/The     Love (Apple)
                       Word/What You're Dong
The Beatles          gniK nuS             Love (Apple)
The Beatles          Something            Love (Apple)
The Beatles          Blue Jay Way         Love (Apple)
The Vinyl Kings      A Little Trip        A Little Trip (Vinyl Kings)
The Vinyl Kings      I Took A Chance      A Little Trip (Vinyl Kings)
The Vinyl Kings      Time Machine         Time Machine (Vinyl Kings)
Spock's Beard        On A Perfect Day     Spock's Beard (InsideOut)
Ozric Tentacles      Chewier              Spirals In Hyperspace (Magna

12:00 am
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ==============================
Lana Lane            Breath Introduction  Gemini (Think Tank Media)
Lana Lane            Johnny Moon          Gemini (Think Tank Media)
Lana Lane            Breath In the Air    Gemini (Think Tank Media)
Lana Lane            On the Run           Gemini (Think Tank Media)
Lana Lane            Time                 Gemini (Think Tank Media)
Lana Lane            Breath Reprise       Gemini (Think Tank Media)
Wayne Lytle          Heavy Light          Animusic 2 (Animusic)
VA [Rpbert Berry]    Roundabout           Tales from Yesterday (Magna
A.C.T                Silent Screams       Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                Introduction         Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                The Millionaire      Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                Joanna               Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                A Father's Love      Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                Memory To Fight      Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                The Diary            Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                A Wound That Won't   Silence (InsideOut)
A.C.T                The Final Silence    Silence (InsideOut)
Porcupine Tree       The Sound of Muzak   In Absentia (Lava)

1:00 am

 * = excerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)
++ = Advance CDR from Artist

On the next Galactic Travels, I'll continue the month-long focus on
Klaus Schulze.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Angst" on Revisited

The Vinyl Starter will be from the LP "Chronolyse" by Richard Pinhas on
Cobra Records and released in 1976.


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