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Galactic Travels™ is an electronic, ambient, and space music show, that
airs each Thursday at 11:04 pm on WDIY 88.1 FM, Allentown and Bethlehem,
PA, 93.9 FM in Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ, and streaming on-line.
Many Choices, Real Voices.
Show #1408 April 25, 2024.
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WDIY's Two Week Archive.
On this show, I concluded the month-long focus on Robert Rich. The
Featured CD at Midnight was "Strata", a collaboration with Steve Roach on
Hearts of Space Records. You also heard new music by Jane Rigler, Curtis
Bahn, and Thomas Ciufo on Neuma Records and by Ian Boddy on quiet details


11:04 pm
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Kevin Braheny        Starflight 1 *       Galaxies (Hearts of Space)
Jane Rigler, Curtis  Compassion           Electroresonance (Neuma)
  Bahn, Thomas Ciufo
Erik Wøllo           End of an Era        Clound of Strings (Projekt)
Kevin Keller         Evensong 5           Evensong (Kevin Keller)
Ian Boddy            Dorian               modal operandi (quiet details)
Forest Smithson      Horizon's End        Parallel Worlds: epsilon
                                            Eridani b (none)
Lawson & Merrill     Rivière *            Signals (Nuema)

12:00 am
ARTIST               TRACK                ALBUM (label)
==================== ==================== ===============================
Lawson & Merrill     Rivière **           Signals (Nuema)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Fearless             Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Mica                 Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Forever              Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   The Grotto of Time   Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Iguana               Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Magma                Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Persistence of       Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Remembrance          Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   Ceremony of Shadows  Strata (Hearts of Space)
R. Rich & S. Roach   La Luna              Strata (Hearts of Space)

1:00 am

 * = excerpt
** = continued
 + = bonus or extra track
xx = aborted by CD player

On the next Galactic Travels™, I'll begin a month-long focus on
Mutagénèse.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Errance Planétaire," a
self-released title. You will also hear music by Philip Blackburn on
Innova Recordings and new music by Bernhard Wöstheinrich, George Bley,
and Ludovico D'Angelo on Iapetus Music.
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"Many Choices, Real Voices"

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