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Galactic Travels Monthly Special Focus Log for 1997

February's special focus was on the electronic music scene in the Netherlands as typified by the artist roster of Cue Records, NL.

Date Artist Title Label
2/6 Ron Boots Ghost of a Mist Cue
2/13 Various Artists Out There Lies the Truth Cue
2/20 Various Artists The Truth is Twisted Cue
2/27 Zodiac I.C. Cue

Please note that Cue Records is now called GROOVE Unlimited.

March's special focus was on Steve Roach, one of the most renowned artists in the space music genre. The midnight feature CDs were:

Date Title Label
3/6 The Magnificent Void Hearts of Space
3/13 Cavern of Sirens Projekt
3/20 World's Edge (disc 2) Fortuna
3/27 Dreamtime Return (disc 1) Fortuna

May's special focus, which began in April because I was unavailable to broadcast for the first three Thursdays, was on Robert Rich, one of the brightest luminaries in the space music genre. The midnight feature CDs were:

Date Title Label
4/24 Propogation Hearts of Space
5/1 Gaudi Hearts of Space
5/8 Fissures Hearts of Space
5/15 Numena Fathom
5/22 A Troubled Resting Place Fathom
5/29 Stalker Fathom

June's special focus was on the artist roster of the Atomic City "label." It is actually a distribution vehicle for Mike Metlay Phd. and friends. The midnight feature CDs were:

Date Artist Title Label
6/5 Team Metlay Bandwidth Atomic City
6/12 Team Metlay Ballistic Atomic City
6/19 Steve Verity Digital Planet Atomic City
6/26 Joe McMahon Shatterday Atomic City

July's special focus was on the artists who performed at the Projekt festival on August 1 and 2.

Date Artist Title Label
7/10 Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana Well of Souls Projekt
7/17 Lycia Cold Projekt
7/24 Ben Neill Triptycal Antilles
7/31 Vidna Obmana Twilight of Perception Projekt

August's special focus was on the L.A. area synthesist, A Produce.

Date Artist Title Label
8/7 A Produce Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo Trance Port
8/14 A Produce White Sands Trance Port
8/21 A Produce Land of a Thousand Trances Trance Port
8/28 A Produce Inscape & Landscape Trance Port

September's special focus was on the Spotted Peccary roster of artists.

Date Artist Title Label
9/4 Greg Klamt Fluxus Quo Spotted Peccary
9/11 J. Arif Verner A Vision Beyond Light Spotted Peccary
9/18 Jon Jenkins & Paul Lackey title Spotted Peccary
9/25 Brain Laughter Not Far From A Distant Sun Spotted Peccary

October's special focus was the electronic music scene in Philadelphia, centered around Chuck Van Zyl, host of the long running space music radio show, Star's End.

In addition to being an artist and radio show host, Chuck promotes space music by putting on concerts called Star's End Gatherings. Luminaries such as Steve Roach and Robert Rich have performed at past Gatherings. (Check out the March and May featured artists on this web page.)

Date Artist Title Label
10/2 Chuck Van Zyl & Peter Gulch Regeneration Mode Synkronos
10/9 Chuck van Zyl Celestial Mechanics Centaur
10/16 Chuck van Zyl Relics (Disc 1) Centaur
10/23 Chuck van Zyl Relics (Disc 2) Centaur
10/30 Chuck van Zyl The Xyl File Synkronos

Oktoberfest was celebrated Galactic Travels-style! Space music pioneer Klaus Schulze's new 25 CD set, the Jubilee Edition ( Manikin Records) arrived. I featured music from this monumental release in the first hour of the show for most of the month!!

November's special focus was on space music pioneer Klaus Schulze. The feature CD at midnight was selected from the Jubilee Edition (Manikin Records). Unfortunately, WDIY was off the air on 11/20/97 due to technical difficulties, so the program didn't air on that date.

Date Artist Title Label
11/6 Klaus Schulze The Jubilee Edition (disc 11) Manikin Records
11/13 Klaus Schulze The Jubilee Edition (disc 12) Manikin Records
11/27 Klaus Schulze The Jubilee Edition (disc 13) Manikin Records

December's special focus was on Ron Boots. Each week, one of his CDs was played at midnight. (Remember, Cue is now GROOVE!)

Date Artist Title Label
12/4 Ron Boots Too Many Secrets GROOVE Unlimited
12/11 Ron Boots Screaming Whispers Cue Records, NL
12/18 Ron Boots Detachment of Worldly Affairs Cue
12/25 Ron Boots Current GROOVE Unlimited

Galactic Travels is designed to bring WDIY listeners hour-long soundscapes of electronic, ambient, and space music.
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