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Galactic Travels Monthly Special Focus Log for 1998

January's special focus was on French techno artist, Jean Michel Jarre. Each week, one of his CDs was played at midnight.

Date Artist Title Label
1/1 Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene Dreyfus
1/8 Jean Michel Jarre Rendezvous Dreyfus
1/15 Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe Dreyfus
1/22 Jean Michel Jarre Les Concerts En Chine Vol. 1 Dreyfus
1/29 Jean Michel Jarre Zoolook Dreyfus

February's feature artist was Jonn Serrie.

Date Title Label
2/5 Flightpath Miramar
2/12 Planetary Chronicles Vol. 1 Miramar
2/19 Planetary Chronicles Vol. 2 Miramar
2/26 Ixlandia Miramar

March's focus was on the artist roster of Groove Unlimited, a label in the Netherlands.

Date Artist Title
3/5 Kees Aerts Slices of Time
3/12 Wavestar Out of Time
3/19 Syndromeda Circles of Life
3/26 Tranzit Voyage

April's focus was on Hemisphere, a group on the Groove Unlimited label.

Date Title
4/2 From Inside the Cyclone
4/9 Intruders
4/16 Outdoors
4/23 Beyond the Darkness
4/30 Early Reflections

May's Focus was on the early electronic music pioneers who formed the bands known as Kluster and Cluster: Schnitzler, Moebius, and Roedelius.

Date Artist Title Label
5/7 Kluster Zwei-Osterei Hypnotic
5/14 Cluster Grosses Wasser Gyroscope
5/21 Cluster & Eno Cluster & Eno Gyroscope
5/28 Cluster One Hour Gyroscope

June's Focus was on DAC Crowell, an unsigned ambient musician who can be found hanging around the Internet. You can visit his web site to find out what this Champagne, Illinois artist is doing at The Aerodyne Works.

Date Title
6/4 Darkness and Depth
6/11 Indigo Static
6/18 Tranquility Formations
6/25 Harmundum

July's Focus was on Steve Roach's collaborative efforts.

Date Artists Title Label
7/2 Steve & Roger King Dust to Dust Projekt
7/9 Roach, Kent, & Newby Halcyon Days Fathom
7/16 none none none
7/23 Steve & Vidna Obmana Huizen Concert, Part I none
7/30 none none none

The Huizen Concert is a recording that Steve Roach made of a performance he did with Vidna Obmana at the Fifth Annual Alpha-Centauri Electronic Music Festival. This performance took place at the Theatre 3-in-1 in Huizen, the Netherlands on November 1, 1997 and was provided by Steve on two CDRs (recordable CDs) exclusively for Galactic Travels.

August's Focus was on Steve Roach to make up for the two weeks in July when there was no show.

Date Artists Title Label
8/6 Steve & Vidna Obmana Huizen Concert, Part II none
8/13 Steve & Robert Rich Soma Hearts of Space
8/20 Steve Roach World's Edge Fortuna
8/27 Steve Roach Dream Time Return Fortuna

September's Focus was on releases from Mirage, a Canadian label (now defunct, unfortunately) that specialized in electronic/ambient music.

Date Title Artist
9/3 Imaginarium Ma Ja Le
9/10 The Silent Shore Robert Scott Thompson
9/17 The Ambient Eclipse Various Artists
9/24 Frontier Robert Scott Thompson

Another OKTOBERFEST celebrated Galactic Travels-style! The October focus was on Manikin, a label in Germany specializing in electronic music and administered by Mario Schonwalder. Klaus Schulze is on this label so you KNOW there's going to be some Berlin School EM represented here!

Date Title Artist
10/1 The Other Face Detlef Keller
10/8 Future of the Past Spyra
10/15 More Loops Keller & Schonwalder
10/22 Script Fanger & Kersten
10/29 Traveling Backwards Nightcrawlers

The November focus was on the compilations put together by the cooperative efforts of the members of GoldTri, an internet mailing list devoted to discussing EM and interesting, if less well known artists. GoldTri is a contraction of Golden Triangle, a musical landscape defined by three corners; Progressive, Instrumental, and Electronic.

Date Title Label
11/5 GoldTri: Volume One (disc 1) Stonker
11/12 GoldTri: Volume One (disc 2) Stonker
11/19 GoldTri: Volume Two (disc 1) Stonker
11/26 GoldTri: Volume Two (disc 2) Stonker

The December focus was on Ian Boddy, a synthesist in the UK. He appears on his own label, DiN Records, and on many compilations in the UK.

Date Title Artist Label(s)
12/3 Symbiont Ian Boddy and Andy Pickford Something Else
12/10 Phase 3 Ian Boddy & Ron Boots Groove & Something Else
12/17 The Uncertainty Principle Ian Boddy Something Else
12/24 Continuum Ian Boddy Something Else
12/31 Rare Elements Ian Boddy Something Else

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